• hotel-management-system

    Hotel Management System

    • Accessible from Anywhere
    • Accounting System
    • Channel Management System
    • Credit Card Payment Gateway
    • Global Distributions
    • Group Check-In, Check Out
    • Housekeeping
    • Integrated Web Reservations
    • Multiple Rates & Rate Types Support
    • Multiple Language Support
    • No Expensive Hardware
    • No Installation
    • Pay Per Use Concept
    • Published/ Negotiated/ Allocated Room Rates
    • Rate Management, Reservation Management, Online Bookings, Front
    • Office, Housekeeping Reports on Smart Phones / Tablets
    • Real Time Bookings
    • Save More on Commission
    • Secure and Stable
    • Sell Your Rooms Globally
    • Simple and Intuitive
  • Beyond POS - Point of Sales

    • Easy to use application interface and configurable sales screen
    • Fast multi-mode product lookup feature (EAN | UPC | PLC / SKU)
    • Support for split tenders – cash, card, cheque or voucher for a single transaction
    • Support for multiple currencies configuration
    • Support for custom bill id
    • Support for Price over-ride
    • Support for Deposit collection and utilization
    • Manage Line item and overall discounts
    • On-Screen alert of promotional items
    • Suspend billing and resume
    • Support to generate cost estimates at the till
    • Support for Home Delivery, Rate based & Non Inventory sales
    • Support for on-account sales
    • Manage exchanges & returns
    • On-Screen excess cash alert
    • Alerts on exceptional transactions
    • On-Screen shift settlement with denominations
    • On-Screen verification for high value items
    • Support for customer registration at the till
    • Robust customer search options and customer history
    • Issue and redemption of gift vouchers /credit notes
    • Support for Warranty Tracking
    • Manage salesman shifts & commissions
    • Automated data collection from weighing scale
    • Touch screen, Bar code scanning, Receipt Printer & POS keyboard support
    • Cash drawer support (pops drawer automatically)
    • Pole display support (displays purchase information to the customer)
    • Supports portable hand-held terminals for Q busting
    • Supports Shop in Shop formats
    • On-screen help options
  • time-tracker

    Beyond TiME TRACKER

    Built on QR Code Technology, Beyond Tracker is an innovative attendance and time-tracking solution with an intuitive web management interface which runs on Python. Beyond Tracker allows organizations to track, manage, and process attendace data from multiple locations. The boxed solution offers a complete, contactless system where users can punch in and out within a second. It features an easy setup process, multiple online reports for management, tracking of In and Out status, and manual adjustment of data.

    What is a QR Code?

    A QR code is a two dimensional bar code/matrix code. QR stands for Quick Response. QR Code is an open format. The format’s specification is available royalty-free. QRCode When a QR code is scanned and is translated to reveal a URL; the smart phones/devices equipped with camera to capture the QR Code and proper software will open that URL using its browser, this act is known as a hardlink.


    QR Code Data Capacity

    • Numeric only Max. 7,089 characters
    • Alphanumeric Max. 4,296 characters
    • Binary (8 bits) Max. 2,953 bytes
    • Kanji/Kana Max. 1,817 characters

    Error Correction Capacity

    • Level L 7% of codewords can be restored
    • Level M 15% of codewords can be restored
    • Level Q 25% of codewords can be restored
    • Level H 30% of codewords can be restored

    Boxed Solution

    QR Code Scanning System: 19 inch LCD display panel, Wooden Enclosure, HD Webcam, CPU, UPS, and Attendance Software

    Price: 3,50,000 BDT

    Customized Solution

    Please contact us for any customized solution

  • library-management-system

    Beyond LIB - Library Management System

    Beyond Lib is a highly flexible library management system which is capable of managing all the functionalities of a library.

  • library-management-system

    Beyond SIS - Student Information Management System

    Built on Python, Beyond SIS is an web-based intuitive Student Information Management System specially designed for Schools.