Case Study: The Cocktail Global Website Development

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Client: The Cocktail Global (Part of Wunderman Group)

Industry: Digital Transformation and Consulting

Location: London, UK

Deployment year: 2012


The Cocktail Global is a digital transformation and consulting company that accelerates people and organizations through technology, design, and data. With a focus on relevance, speed, and revenue, the company helps clients identify and scale their differential value in the new digital context. As part of the Wunderman Group, The Cocktail Global provides end-to-end transformation solutions, ensuring businesses remain competitive in a rapidly evolving market.


The Cocktail Global required a website that would showcase their range of services, expertise, and values while also demonstrating their commitment to creating relevant and innovative solutions for clients. The website needed to be user-friendly, engaging, and informative to effectively communicate the company’s unique offerings and expertise in the digital transformation industry. Additionally, the site had to support multiple languages to cater to their diverse clientele.


Beyond Innovations & Technologies developed a custom website for The Cocktail Global, featuring:

  • Responsive design: Ensuring an optimal viewing experience across various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Comprehensive service showcase: Displaying the full range of The Cocktail Global’s services and expertise in digital transformation.
  • Engaging content: Presenting the company’s values, case studies, and industry insights in an informative and engaging manner.
  • User-friendly navigation: Facilitating easy browsing and access to relevant information for potential clients and partners.
  • Multilingual support: Offering multiple language options to cater to the diverse clientele and enhance the user experience.


The newly developed website effectively showcased The Cocktail Global’s range of services and expertise, positioning them as a leader in digital transformation and consulting. The engaging content and user-friendly navigation provided a seamless experience for website visitors, helping to generate interest in The Cocktail Global’s offerings and attract new clients. The multilingual support ensured the website catered to a diverse audience, further emphasizing the company’s commitment to creating innovative and relevant solutions for businesses in the digital age.

Technology Stack: PHP, MySQL, JS



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