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Advantages of cloud computing and how BIL can help you get there


Modern companies need their employees to be able to work from anywhere at any time. Cloud computing makes this possible by providing the required tools as long as users can access the internet. Research has shown that employees are more competitive when mobility is fully effected.


The nytime anywhere’ concept brings more than just mobility. It makes the operations of a company and the company itself flexible. Employees are able to strike a balance between organizational demands and external commitments (school, leisure, education and raising kids). Everyone can work at their own pace in their own location at their own time.


For a company to be able to grow, it needs to spend a lot of time planning, strategizing and executing. This takes a toll on the resources of the organization, be they financial, material or human. The end result is a slow rate of growth. However, with cloud computing, much of what you need is stored on the cloud. The cloud is managed by someone that doesn’t work for the company, so a lot of human resources that would have been spent there are deployed elsewhere. Such a scenario allows an organization to grow way faster than anticipated.

Energy efficiency

In a traditional setup, all the physical hardware of a company is stored somewhere within the building, and this causes all sorts of expenses, especially with relation to the amount of electricity being consumed. In a cloud computing set up, a lot of energy is saved, which at theend of the day reducesthe overheads of the firm.


With cloud computing, huge parts of your infrastructure exist offsite. You are not directly managing them, so you won’t need to do maintenance. The responsibility to maintain your infrastructure goes to a third party who you pay a little amount of money to keep things running smoothly. This saves you a lot of labor, allowing you to focus manpower towards other areas of your operation. Maintenance as a process is also expensive, so the fact that you won’t need to invest in sophisticated technology to maintain your infrastructure is a big plus as well.
At Beyond Innovations & Technologies, we always work toward making sure that your company fully embraces cloud computing and fully benefits from it in the long-term. All you have to do now is reach out to us, and we will provide answers to all the questions you might have.
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