Case Study for an app for health technology startup based in Dallas, Texas in the USA

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Our solution is to help users find the right Dental, Vision, and Behavioral Health plans and connect with service providers near them.

This venture was launched by a startup as an independent project complimenting their services, providing users access to providers in collaboration with Careington International Corporation, a leading provider of discount programs for health, wellness, and lifestyle services.

TheBITLabs partnered up to provide a turn-key solution for the project.

Services Provided
Web App, iOS, Android App, Backend


The startup briefed theBITLabs to build their web, iOS, and Android mobile applications and the admin panel. Full project requirements had to be collected and prepared from scratch.

Integration of APIs (Application Programming Interface) to plan data, service provider locations, Google Maps, etc. needed, is also a key part of the project.


We generated the SRS and followed the waterfall model for this project. UI/ UX was designed and approved by the stakeholders. Android Mobile Application Development, iOS Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development, and Backend panel were carried out simultaneously to synchronize the entire build process. We use ASANA and JIRA for project management.

As per project requirements, we have implemented the following technologies:

Remote Wipe: A remote wipe feature in the app was developed; it offers the system admin the control and privilege to erase the PHI (personal health information) when and if required.

Audit Logging: A detail is available for the system admin to monitor and control the PHI

– no tempering of data

– different activities performed

– login time of the users and

– more.

All privileged user actions are saved. Any modification of these logs by a system user, privileged or final, is detectable. Log records are periodically reviewed by authorized server administrative personnel.

Server Preparation: The server operates as a private network and is monitored by authorized server administrative personnel round the clock periodically, ensuring secure connection via SSL/TLS encryption protocols.

User Agreement: Mobile applications obtain informed patient consent before online video appointments.

Code obfuscation: Deliberately, the source code is obscured, which will deter the reverse-engineering of our delivered software.

Backup and Syncing: Once collected, data is transmitted to the server and safeguarded with server-side encryption. The provision of auto backup and syncing will also be implemented.

Update: An API was developed to update the apps regularly and automatically to secure the PHI with the latest developments.


The project enables the possibilities for health promotion and disease self-management. Safety practices around the collection of user data contribute to the overall vision of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.


  • Integrated solution
  • Prescription Discount
  • Multilingual content (English/Spanish) 
  • Service providers and information on partner networks can be sorted and filtered
  • Telemedicine Services




Contact us. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prevents us from showcasing the actual app.

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