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Data Breach Prevention And Why Your Business Needs It
Information has and will always remain as a business asset. Majority of these information is digitalized now and is stored on computer systems that are connected to a network, which makes it vulnerable to attacks.
How Data Breach Can Hurt A Business

Have you heard about what happened to Google+? It was initially released to compete against Facebook but it didn’t make an impact. A few months ago, a software bug was discovered but Google didn’t report it due to the fear that it will be compared to Facebook. While there’s no proof of any data misuse, Google+ is shut down because 500,000 consumer account’s information were compromised.

Data Breach takes place when a cybercriminal is successfully able to infiltrate a huge data source and to extract those sensitive information. This may be done by accessing a network or a computer in stealing local files or through a remote network security bypass. The latter is usually what many cybercriminals do to target businesses.

Lost Credibility
The moment a company becomes a victim of data breach, consumers begin to doubt if it’s really as good as it claims to be. Its reputation is tarnished and customers are probably going to stop supporting.
Decreased Competitive Ability
A company’s competitiveness can be greatly damaged as soon as customer data is infiltrated, especially if the cybercriminals decide to expose the information to rival companies, or to the public.
Reduced Revenue
The common solution many companies do is to stop operating until such time a resolution is found. Companies will have to determine the source of the breach, which results to a shutdown of a process. This, in turn, would mean that a company will have to lose revenues.
What Is Data Breach Prevention

With the risks associated with data breaches, business owners had to come up with strategies to prevent data breaches. Data breach prevention refers to the processes designed for data security.

The process starts with knowing the legal obligations concerning consumer privacy and data security. This results to a data security policy to keep the data safe from risks not just from outside the company but from its employees, too. This includes strict measures such as automation, encryption, patch management, and data backup to prevent any customer information from being exposed.

How Data Breach Prevention Can Help A Business
Being able to prevent data breaches is essential for your business especially if you want to protect your data and to strengthen your position in the market. Here are 4 of the reasons why.
Discipline and Accountability
Human error is inevitable but if it happens and consumer data is compromised, your business’ data security policy will back up any disciplinary actions. In addition to that, it can support a case in a court of law. In this sense, it serves as a contract to prove that your business has taken the steps to protect information.
With a data security policy in place, your employees will see it as their educational document – from choosing a password, to providing a guideline for data storage and file transfers – will help increase your employees overall data security awareness.
Educate Employees
Preventing data breaches will help your business to operate with some consistency level. You hire new employees, inform them of the things they can and cannot do (with sensitive information). Doing this saves time, money, as well as resources.
Determine Your Business Success

It’s common for other vendors to ask you for a copy of your data security policy especially if you’re making a business deal which involves transferring sensitive information. Having a comprehensive and up to date policy can literally make or break your business deal.

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