Cognitive Computing

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Real World Applications of Cognitive Computing For Today and Tomorrow

Ever since the computer was first created, people have had the goal of creating artificial intelligence which is flawless. Today, we have gotten much closer to this goal than ever before. As technology changes, scientists have mashed up computer and cognitive science –the study of the brain and how it works- to come up with cognitive computing which has far reaching implications on health care, business, our private lives and so much more.

Cognitive computing replicates the human thought process by using self-learning algorithms to mine data, process natural language and even recognize patterns.

Applications of cognitive computing today

Since today we use computers for nearly everything, cognitive computing has evolved to benefit various aspects of our everyday lives. Here are some of the ways cognitive computing is being used today.


Chatbots have really evolved today. By understanding the user’s input in a contextual manner, bots are capable of providing logical answers to the user’s questions. Today, chatbots are indispensable to businesses especially those who operate online since it helps customers get the correct information regardless of the time of day or night without the need for human supervision.

Risk assessment

Managing risk in financial services is crucial. This usually shows the areas which are prime for investment and those to steer clear of. This involves going through historical data, market trends, and historical data among others. With cognitive computing in play, large volumes of data can be processed quickly and with high efficiency. This allows for institutions to take advantage of this information and make wise investment choices.

Fraud detection

Fraud has been a thorn on the heel of many companies. With cognitive computing in play, machines can detect anomalies in micro seconds and with high accuracy. This enables businesses to identify anomalies and curb them in record time.

Future of cognitive computing

Since the field is continually growing, cognitive computing will have a lot of uses in the future. Apart from their current uses today, this technology will be used in:


Since people post over 500 million tweets daily and 55 million on Facebook, this data can be processed better to give an insight into what customers want so that retail stores can stay ahead of the curve instead of following.

Internet of things

Gadgets will continue to get smarter. With technology such as IBM Watson in play, you can be sure to easily communicate with gadgets using natural language. This means that the noisy unstructured data will be no more.

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