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Indrivo is your partner for technology consulting and custom software development projects. We offer high-quality customized web solutions as well as individual software and mobile app development. We serve numerous Government organizations, public institutions and private international customers.

Core Competencies:

BeyondITL is committed to enhancing business productivity by providing integrated custom software development for desktop, web, mobile, and other platforms. The company has consistently achieved local and global success by focusing on native and cross-platform mobile applications, enterprise mobility solutions, and cutting-edge automation for organizational processes.

Value Proposition:

Beyond Innovations & Technologies Limited excels as a technological powerhouse, delivering state-of-the-art mobile applications, games, and software projects.

Simultaneously, the company ensures creativity, affordability, and efficiency in providing products and services to clients and partners around the globe.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Beyond Innovations & Technologies Limited is to foster business growth by offering entrepreneurs and partners cutting-edge, high-quality products and services that allow them to achieve long-term sustainability in the competitive marketplace.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to craft and execute exceptional strategies for extraordinary businesses and organizations, solidifying our position as a top provider of premium technology solutions.

Clientele and Portfolio:

Over the years, BeyondITL has built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality, efficient software solutions and services to a diverse clientele in Bangladesh, the USA, UAE, the UK, Germany, and Türkiye. The company’s highly skilled web, software, and mobile development team collaborates to offer innovative solutions for each project, resulting in a proven track record of designing and implementing initiatives that drive positive business outcomes and satisfy end-users.

Excelling in delivering tailored software solutions and IT services to an international clientele, Beyond Innovations & Technologies Ltd solidifies its standing as a trailblazer in the industry. By skillfully merging computer science expertise with an understanding of the ever-changing global market, BeyondITL empowers exceptional businesses and organizations to flourish.

Dedicated to innovation, affordability, and efficiency, BeyondITL champions long-term success and sustainability for its clients, paving the way for remarkable achievements in today’s competitive business landscape.

Space & Location:

Beyond Innovations & Technologies Limited occupies a prestigious 2500-square-foot air-conditioned, well-equipped space on Kemal Ataturk Avenue in Banani, Dhaka. The office is situated within a renowned commercial building and boasts modern access and security features. BeyondITL embraces an open space policy for all, while designated areas for the Chairman, Managing Director, Finance & Accounts, and Marketing sections are enclosed by glass or walls.

This layout promotes comfort and productivity for both customers and employees alike.

Products and Services:

Beyond Innovations & Technologies Limited (BeyondITL) is a trailblazer offering vast products and services spanning multiple industries, with an unwavering dedication to keeping pace with the latest technological breakthroughs. This commitment ensures that clients receive bespoke solutions that propel them toward success in an ever-changing global market.

Healthcare technology applications developed by BeyondITL have left an indelible mark on the medical sector, offering tools for remote monitoring, diagnostics, and data management. These cutting-edge solutions empower healthcare providers and patients, granting them the necessary information to make well-informed decisions.

In the event management sphere, BeyondITL’s innovative tools have transformed the way organizations plan, execute, and assess their events. By emphasizing seamless integration, these solutions allow clients to streamline processes, enhance communication, and guarantee successful outcomes.

BeyondITL’s Procurement Software as a Service (SaaS) for SMEs has revolutionized how small and medium-sized enterprises handle their procurement activities. This all-encompassing platform streamlines the procurement process, boosting efficiency and minimizing operational expenses.

As blockchain technology reshapes the financial world, BeyondITL remains at the vanguard of this transformation. By creating blockchain-based crowdfunding platforms, crypto wallets, and financial applications, the company showcases its dedication to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of its clients.

BeyondITL has excelled in crafting immersive cross-platform games using Unity Engine within the mobile gaming landscape. These captivating gaming experiences have enthralled audiences globally, exemplifying the company’s prowess in blending creativity and technology.

Venturing into startup funding, BeyondITL has developed platforms that expedite the funding process for startups and investors alike. These platforms foster secure, transparent, and efficient transactions, turning innovative concepts into flourishing enterprises.

BeyondITL has also designed an AI-based meeting assistant that harnesses NLP to eliminate the need for manual notetaking during meetings. This user-friendly platform allows for easy recording, transcription, and search functionality across voice conversations.

In conclusion, Beyond Innovations & Technologies Limited is steadfast in its commitment to providing a broad spectrum of exceptional products and services tailored to diverse industries. By consistently focusing on formal, creative, and engaging solutions, BeyondITL ensures its clients remain at the cutting edge of today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Work Environment:

Organizational Structure – Flatter Organization

Moving away from the traditional hierarchical model that often results in one-way communication and power concentration, BeyondITL adopts a “flatter” structure to foster communication and collaboration by removing layers within the organization. This approach encourages employees to “want” to work within the company rather than simply “needing” to do so. Managers exist to support employees, creating a more balanced and engaged work environment.

Employee Benefits

Employees enjoy government holidays, annual increments, rent and health benefits, occasional bonuses, and daily in-house lunches and snacks. Management also rewards high-performing employees with profit-sharing incentives.


Beyond Innovations & Technologies Limited breeds a conducive, dynamic work environment that benefits employees and clients. The company’s commitment to a flatter organizational structure, comfortable facilities, and a supportive atmosphere ensures a thriving and productive atmosphere for all involved.

Working Environment

Beyond Innovations & Technologies Limited prides itself on maintaining a high retention rate within the sector. Software developers work in a comfortable atmosphere, with the office featuring full air-conditioning, 24-hour power backup, and 100 Mbps internet connectivity with redundant connections. The proximity to renowned brands and restaurants ensures that employees and customers are well-catered.

Entertainment Facilities

Yearly picnics, a gaming zone, and relaxation areas promote work-life balance and employee satisfaction.

Customer Facilities

Beyond Innovations & Technologies Limited offers round-the-clock service for clients, treating them as valued partners in each project. BeyondITL takes ownership of all projects, prioritizing the clients’ perspectives and striving to cultivate long-term relationships.
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