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Did you know that 43% of all system breaches within an organization are caused by users that are either sloppy or intentionally malicious? Insider threats come with plenty of risks because here, you are looking at a significant number of people with access to highly specific areas of your business. Sure, your employees might be sloppy but well-meaning, but the truth is that they access your network with unsecure devices and then carry those devices out of the building.
It is always easy to track activity on your network, but at some point in time, those with access could be viewing material stored at an end point, making it impossible for you to detect this activity, which routinely takes place from outside your network. The fact that you are not in control will derail your attempts at enforcing data security protocols, putting you in all kinds of risks such as;
You need protection from negligent or malicious users
When you think about the risks that come with the exposure of information to malicious or negligent users, it becomes important to engage Beyond Innovations&Technologies’ threat prevention solutions. Here at BIL, we know precisely what part of your system is at risk and have the tools to seal those loopholes. Once we identify suspicious users, we kick them off your network or end points and combat malicious activity. Our activities make it easy for you to spot threats and react to them in real time, which saves your business a lot of headache at the end. You are also better able to manage the ins and outs of your network and end points.

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Beyond Innovations &Technologies Enables You To;
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