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Beyond Innovations & Technologies – An Embedded Self-Healing Solution

Most organizations in a mobile environment find it tough to manage their endpoints efficiently. Fortunately, Beyond Innovations & Technologies is a reliable tech outfit designed to deliver an always-connected IT management solution. Over 500 million embedded endpoints guided by the unstoppable power of persistence are available to ensure efficiency. The persistence connection is embedded at the factory on and off the network. In this regard, the embedded self-healing solution ensures endpoint visibility, optimizes lifecycle management, and remediates endpoint vulnerabilities.

From the moment they leave the factory to the date of decommissioning, Beyond Innovations & Technologies gives you the ideal capacity to maintain uncompromised visibility of all of your endpoints. This eliminates blind spots that usually result in operational-related issues. It is necessary to invest in an always-connected IT asset management to optimize device lifecycle including gaining operational efficiencies and maximizing return on tech investment. Beyond Innovations & Technologies is a reliable technology that shields your company from noncompliance-related penalties, intellectual property, and guarantees business continuity as well.

You are not a slave!
Invest in a well-managed endpoint to experience powerful IT asset that actually works for – and not against – you. You have complete control of your endpoints whether desktop or mobile including cases when the device is off the network or landed on the wrong hands.

Beyond Innovations & Technologies enables you to:

Guarantee endpoint visibility

Eliminate invisible endpoints by incorporating a self-healing technology and maximize tech deployment. Beyond Innovations & Technologies also increases resource effectivity and at the same time reduce the risk of security instances as it provides you with great assurance.

Optimize lifecycle management

The position, configuration, and device users keep changing, which affects user productivity and security posture. It is almost impossible when you try to manage this complexity using current tools that rely mostly on connectivity. Beyond Innovations & Technologies have the necessary support to effectively manage and secure devices. Experience better operational efficiencies, avoid noncompliance penalties, prevent device drift or loss and maximize your return on tech investment.

Prevent & remediate compliance

Threats have been there before and are constantly changing to inflict more system damage. This constant changing nature of threats introduces a new twist on endpoint vulnerabilities. You need to invest in Beyond Innovations & Technologies to ensure that your reputation remains intact and avoid loss/theft of sensitive data. Embedded endpoint visibility together with control solution ensures that you can access and remediate any device. Beyond Innovations & Technologies allows you to scan for sensitive data, delete and secure remotely, limit risk, and finally yet importantly, achieve compliance.
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