Case Study for an event finder app for a top full-service event planner based in Houston, Texas, in the USA

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Event 2.0 is a convenient iOS mobile application to browse events happening in and around the user and online events.
The app lets users discover events by filtering and sorting them based on genres, categories, distances, etc. Event promoters and event organizers/ venues can connect to their patrons directly, which helps them build a loyal following. Users can also follow and connect to influencers/ promoters directly.­­­­

Services Provided
Native iOS Mobile Application Development, Website/ Landing Page, Backend


The app is primarily for Promoting Events and Engaging Attendees; hence the user interface and user experience should feel smooth, and transitions should be fast and easy.

Engaging attendees in events requires social features such as Posting Comments, Likes, Commenting, Tagging, Connecting with other attendees, promoters, venue admin, etc.

Event promotion is a key aspect of the events management sector. Event Managers and Promoters are often busy with various tasks at hand. Hence creating an event, the steps to creating one and posting an event on the main activity feed for everyone to see had to feel seamless and quick, which are user interface and user experience issues.

Likes, new events, and activity updates should be instant for all app users.
The images must be of good quality since they are promotional content. However, a huge volume of images is being posted and published through the app, which is anticipated.

Push notifications need a separate view from “Notifications.” Activities feed displaying events need a timeline-like view with continuous scrolling to keep users interested in new content.

Messaging between users and content creators, following content creators, and adding other users are needed to create a very engaged community.

Privacy settings and privileged access are important features as different users will use the same mobile application.


We followed the waterfall method for the development. After gathering client requirements, we prepared a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document. Then we created a wireframe of the app and confirmed the theme and color based on the client’s branding guidelines. Then we created the complete UI/ UX in Figma. Finalizing the UI/ UX was the last step before we started building the native iOS mobile app in SWIFT.

We created a user-friendly user interface and worked on several bugs to make the app flicker and freeze-free in views like activity feed with continuous scrolls, user profile feed with a big friend/ follow lists, and notification view.

We also created a one-of-a-kind event posting view that can be completed on a couple of screens with a minimum number of taps keeping reachability with one hand in mind.

We use Google Firebase for some social features and notifications for hassle-free and fast deployment.

We used Apple HEIF – (High-Efficiency Image File Format) is a container format that allows extensive metadata, still images, and sequences (like bursts or Live Photos) to co-exist in a single file, and HEVC – (High-Efficiency Video Coding), also known as H.265, can encode video using 40–50% fewer data than H.264 while maintaining the same video format.

We developed a privileged access system in the backend for different user types.
Our proprietary “Content Reporting System” was implemented to manage and act on the reported content and flagged following Apple App Store guidelines.

We have integrated Flurry, the Mobile App Analytics for iOS, into native mobile applications.

The solution is hosted on AWS EC2.


The App is currently in Beta. The beta launch was a success for the event management company. It hosts 70+ businesses in Houston, Texas, with hundreds of promoters and over three thousand users. Businesses love the feature for posting events and activities. Regular users like connecting to event promoters, which lets them avail of promotional offers directly. Users are gradually requesting new features, such as group messaging. This app made a good impact on event promotion and audience engagement, and it made the event managers’ life easier.


Filtering and sorting events by genre, date, artist, venue, etc. features

Messaging and other social features such as liking, commenting, tagging

Follow brand and brand promoters

Notification management

Our proprietary content reporting system

Privileged access management

App analytics and reports

Promotional content creation – Images and Videos


ASP .NET, SWIFT 5, Google Firebase, AWS, MySQL

Live Project

iOS Mobile Application – Contact for Demo

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