Case Study for an innovative health insurance company based in Dallas, Texas in the USA

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Hooray Health provides access to affordable, convenient healthcare. Hourly, contingent, and full-time workforces and their families can avail of such at home or on the go with their robust, proprietary nationwide network of 3,800+ Retail Clinics and Urgent Care Centers for telemedicine services, prescriptions, and specialty care discounts.

TheBITLabs, an enterprise mobility solution venture by Beyond Innovations & Technologies, has been a critical partner in implementing core technologies at Hooray Health.

Services Provided

Content Management System (CMS), Web Application, Native iOS Mobile Application, and Native Android Mobile Application Development


TheBITLabs was briefed on requirements to build Hooray Health’s web, iOS, and Android mobile applications and an admin panel to control all dynamic content in a centralized view from the ground up while keeping user experiences native to their devices.

Multiple APIs (Application Programming Interface) had to be integrated for Telemedicine Services, Medical Prescriptions/ Rx, Care Provider Networks, and Plan Data.


TheBITLabs built a Content Management System (CMS) from scratch using .NET Framework 4.x. This strategy enabled us to develop the solution as per user needs and customize it in an agile method whenever new requests came in. Administrators from the user end of the project can easily log in to the administration panel and make specific changes. If approved, those get implemented throughout the ecosystem i.e., in the native iOS mobile application, native Android mobile application, and web application. Admin can also securely leave comments on specific sections in the admin panel for the tech lead to take over. Admin can also upload Excel/ CVS Files for large-scale data insertion into the admin panel; then that data is read, encrypted, and inserted into the database in ASP.NET MVC. We also developed a solution on top of Citrix ShareFile API, so that the latest files can be fetched and read automatically in a periodic manner, and hence the database can be updated with new data without the need for manual uploads. We have also developed a solution to check the status of all the APIs and a web view for showing such, which is hosted on a separate server. We have built a native iOS mobile application for SWIFT, with the current version being SWIFT 5. That gave us enormous control over all the native iOS libraries. The Android native mobile application was developed in Java, and currently, we are transitioning to the latest stable release of Kotlin. Both iOS and Android apps connect to the Medical Prescription API provided by ScriptSave WellRx in JSON. We have successfully developed all the features provided by the API in both native mobile applications. We built a feature called a digital Prescription Discount Card in the app, which can be added to Apple Google Play Wallet natively. The latest insurance plan details can be uploaded to the admin panel in a customized structure, which is then fetched in each new session of the app and updated for the user dynamically. A contact form and privileged user management system have also been developed to keep track of user needs and access control. We have also integrated Flurry, the Mobile App Analytics for Android & iOS, in the native mobile applications. The solution is hosted on AWS EC2.


The latest solution has increased overall user retention. Also, client/ management can now more efficiently track user needs based on the feedback collected within the app. The availability of the latest plan details for all segments dramatically helps the user to make informed decisions. It takes less time now for users to find, connect and reach the nearest hospitals/ doctors/ providers and urgent care centers as countrywide updated providers information e.g., exact location, services, contact information, etc., is always available in the apps. Medical prescription data, e.g., Rx information, dosage information, prices of the medicines, drug detail information, usage, side effects, etc., and the ability to compare prices in the nearest pharmacies gives users a chance to cut down on the cost of their prescriptions. This also shows the genuineness of the client and the will to impact lives in a very positive way, which instills trust among users and subscribers.


  • Integrated Content Management System
  • Digital Prescription Discount Card
  • Multilingual content (English/Spanish)
  • Service providers, Pharmacies, and Urgent Care provider information in partner networks can be sorted and filtered
  • Customized plan information
  • Telemedicine Services



Live Project

Native iOS Application
Native Android Application

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