Augmented and Virtual Reality Development Services

Build once, deploy everywhere, benefit at scale

PixelPlex cross-platform mobile development lab boasts dozens of successful releases, delivering apps that take users by storm, ensure consistent retention while resolutely supporting your objectives, and boosting profit margins.

PixelPlex makes you different than the competition

The idle lockdown years made customers bored out of their mind and surfaced a need for a global industry shakeup. Here’s where our team let Metaverse in, reenacting VR, AR, and Mixed Reality development to get you truly novel experiences.

Augmented Reality development

Our AR/VR lab can customize or gamify your products, offices, training grounds or showrooms for you to open exclusively targeted sales funnels. Conceive the most smashing AR overlays — we’ll nail the job.

Virtual Reality development

To place your clients at the center of live events or particular settings, our VR development pros craft panoramic, high-resolution, true-to-life views that electrify at a glance while boosting user retention.

Mixed Reality development

Imagine a dream environment for showcasing your services at their best. We’ll get right on blending real and digital worlds, visualizing objects and 3D humans interacting with any equipment, nice and easy.

Our AR, VR & MR services

Let’s get your clients thrilled like nobody’s watching — multi-dimensional digital universes are a perfect handler! PixelPlex AR, VR, and MR developers and advisors can take your initiatives to a lasting commercial success while engaging upscale customers.

Get your campaign going

Attract investors and raise funding for a true business makeover. PixelPlex STO development company ensures stringent security and quality assurance, however complex your idea is.

Our essential AR, VR & MR techniques

To deliver bespoke software for tablets, head mounted displays, and mobile apps, we harness simultaneous localization and mapping algorithms, marker and scene recognition, 3D projection overlays, and realistic superimpositions.

Object, face and image detection

By scanning proximity, geolocation data, markerless UX, 2D images or 3D physical triggers, our apps visualize AR models alongside their details through the target device screen.

Scene recognition

To track surroundings via camera lens, we translate captured images and coordinates into meticulously recreated real-life environments and precisely place 3D models into depth maps.

Visual storytelling

Bringing the best of engagement marketing to your customers, PixelPlex MR developers build explosive narratives that communicate evocative messages and maximize audiences.

Motion tracking

We integrate VR and MR apps with cameras, sensors, GPS, gyroscopes, and accelerometers to build dynamic compositions, resizing and calibrating objects as they move around.

Light estimation

To render realistic effects, our AR app developers use advanced APIs and custom kits accurately estimating lighting to make 3D models naturally fit into the settings.

Content implementation

We take care to ultimately finesse our pre-built 3D assets, overlays, and scenes while making them look, feel, and sound as if they inherently belong to the surroundings.

We intensify client engagement across industries

There’s nothing like AR/VR or Mixed Reality development that can totally rejuvenate your business. Plunge your clients into new universes and engage large customer audiences as never before in your domain.

Ask for a value proposition

Strike a balance between legacy workflows and next-gen customer engagement solutions. Our Mixed Reality development company will conceive the most practical way for you to benefit.

PixelPlex AR, VR & MR development toolset

We wrap your solutions into advanced frameworks and tooling.

Why entrust us with AR/VR & MR development

Time and time again, PixelPlex proves that tech novelties can make unexpectedly spacious room for driving operational productivity. Go ahead — cut design spendings, improve employee onboarding, and get noticed by new audiences.

Making each project a win: portfolio highlights

Whatever your purposes, timeframes, and resources are, we’ll figure out how to balance them so as to translate your initiative into a point of business makeover. Come along, check some of our success stories out!

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