Case Study: CardDart – A Revolutionary Contact Management and Web Page Creation Solution

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Client: Tim Shiner, Founder of CardDart

Location: Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas, USA

Industry: Contact management and Productivity Tools

Deployment year: 2016


Tim Shiner is a successful real estate investor, business owner, and mentor. With a humble personality, he is keenly interested in giving back to society and helping others succeed. His diverse portfolio includes a variety of successful business ventures, ranging from disaster recovery to brand establishment and custom calendar design.

Client Brief:

CardDart aims to revolutionize how contact information is shared and managed, focusing on helping large companies create web pages for their sales reps or employees. The platform should facilitate the addition of media, such as client references, to enhance the chances of securing new business.

Our Solution:

Beyond Innovations & Technologies developed the CardDart app, a versatile solution that offers a convenient, fast, and interactive method for sharing, saving, and managing contact information. The app lets users upload their photo, video, job title, company, and other details, instantly creating a web page with all their information.

CardDart assists large companies and their employees by providing an efficient and interactive way to save, manage, and share contact information. Users can easily search and filter their contact lists, save business card images, and create webpages with client reference videos.


  • Save contact information effortlessly
  • Create your profile and generate a webpage instantly
  • Upload business cards
  • Search and filter contacts

Why Customers Choose CardDart:

  • Easily save, sort, and manage contact information
  • Instantly create webpages
  • Conveniently share contact information
  • Add reference videos to your professional profile


CardDart has successfully provided businesses and their employees with an innovative platform for managing contact information and creating web pages. Users have praised its convenience and versatility, highlighting the ease with which they can share contact information and add reference videos to their profiles.

The app has helped large companies streamline their processes for managing contact information and creating web pages for their sales reps or employees. With CardDart, businesses can now focus on growth and relationship building, knowing that their contact management and online presence are in good hands.

Technical Details:

Backend: ASP.NET, SQL Server

Apps: SWIFT 3 (iOS) and Java (Android)

Accessibility Standard: WCAG 2.0
Accessibility Testing Tool: NVDA, tota11y
GIT Tool Used: GitHub

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