Case Study: Dhaka Foodies – The Ultimate Food Guide App for Food Enthusiasts

Dhaka Foodies

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Client: Dhaka Foodies

Industry: Food and Beverage, Restaurant and Food Review Services

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Deployment Year: 2015


Dhaka Foodies is an online community with the mission of “For the Foodies, by the Foodies.” They aim to create the ultimate food guide for Dhaka and other cities, based on user experiences and contributions, making it easy for anyone to find their preferred food information.


To create a user-friendly, interactive, and informative Android app that allows food enthusiasts to share reviews, pictures, posts, and suggestions about various food joints, helping others make informed decisions about where to dine.

Our Solution:

Beyond Innovations & Technologies developed the Dhaka Foodies Android app, a comprehensive food guide that allows users to share their experiences, suggestions, and reviews about various eateries in the city. To successfully build the app, our team had to create multiple microservices and collaborate with remote teams.


• Browse through a vast collection of restaurants, cafes, and food joints

• Post and read reviews from fellow food enthusiasts

• Share pictures of dishes and dining experiences

• Get personalized recommendations based on user preferences

• Access exclusive deals and discounts from various eateries


The Dhaka Foodies app has successfully connected food enthusiasts across the city, providing them with a platform to share their experiences and knowledge. Users have praised the app’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, which have enabled them to make informed decisions about where to dine.

The app has also helped local restaurants and food businesses gain exposure and attract more customers, thanks to users’ honest and detailed reviews. With the Dhaka Foodies app, food enthusiasts in Dhaka now have a go-to resource for discovering new culinary experiences and sharing their passion for food with others.

Technology Stack:

We utilized the following technology stack to build the Dhaka Foodies Android app:

• Java for Android app development

• JSON for data interchange

• AWS for hosting and scalable cloud infrastructure

This combination of technologies ensured a smooth and responsive user experience while providing a robust and scalable backend infrastructure to support the growing community of food enthusiasts.

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