Case Study: IP Camera-based Security Solution for International Textile Procurement Services Bangladesh Limited (ITPSBL)

International Textile Procurement Services Bangladesh Limited

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International Textile Procurement Services Bangladesh Limited (ITPSBL) is a leading textile procurement company operating in Thailand, Bangladesh, India, and China. They provide various services across these countries, including sourcing, quality control, and logistics management. In 2017, ITPSBL sought a modern, reliable IP camera-based solution to enhance security and streamline facility operations. This case study highlights the challenges faced by ITPSBL, the implemented IP camera-based solution, and the benefits realized by the company.

Deployment Year: 2017

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Services provided: IP Camera and associated hardware supply from partners, Custom Software Development, Android Mobile Application


ITPSBL faced several challenges that prompted them to seek an IP camera-based solution:

  1. Limited visibility of their facilities makes it difficult to monitor and manage operations remotely.
  2. The need for real-time monitoring of critical areas, such as production lines, warehouses, and office spaces.
  3. Ensuring the safety and security of employees, equipment, and inventory.
  4. The need for an efficient, scalable solution that could grow with the company’s expanding operations.


To address these challenges, a tailored IP camera-based solution was designed and implemented for ITPSBL. Key components of the solution included:

  1. Installation of high-resolution IP cameras throughout the facilities, covering critical areas such as production lines, warehouses, and office spaces.
  2. Integration of the IP cameras with a central video management system (VMS) that enabled real-time monitoring and remote access via a secure web-based platform.
  3. Implementing advanced video analytics features, including motion detection, intrusion detection, and object tracking, to automate surveillance and streamline security operations.
  4. Use Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology to simplify camera installation and reduce cabling costs.
  5. Scalable architecture to support adding more cameras and storage capacity as the company’s needs evolved.
  6. Android Mobile Application for easy monitoring


The implementation of the IP camera-based solution provided several benefits to ITPSBL:

  1. Enhanced security: The high-resolution cameras and advanced video analytics features significantly improved the safety of the facilities, helping to prevent theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access.
  2. Improved operational efficiency: Real-time monitoring and remote access capabilities allowed management to oversee operations more effectively, identify bottlenecks, and address issues promptly.
  3. Cost savings: PoE technology reduced cabling costs, while the scalable architecture minimized the need for additional investments in infrastructure as the company expanded.
  4. Employee safety: The IP camera system provided a safer working environment for employees by monitoring critical areas and ensuring adherence to safety protocols.

Technology Stack:

ASP.Net, MySQL, JSON, Java


The IP camera-based solution implemented for International Textile Procurement Services Bangladesh Limited in 2017 successfully addressed their security and operational challenges. By leveraging high-resolution cameras, advanced video analytics, and scalable architecture, ITPSBL was able to improve security, increase operational efficiency, and ensure the safety of its employees. This case study demonstrates the potential of IP camera-based solutions to provide a reliable, cost-effective, and scalable means of enhancing security and streamlining operations in various industries, including those with international operations like ITPSBL.

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