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Calamine ticketing is a ticketing solution for diagnostic centers and collaboration of the stakeholders involved in the process.

U.S. diagnostic centers and labs process millions of tests every day. Manual supervision is often needed for accuracy. Lives depend on such information. During the testing process, revisiting methods are required to decrease the number of errors and provide information on deviation from standard values based on demography and other data. If flagged by middleware and discussed by the stakeholders earlier, then the decision-making process can be streamlined.

Services Provided

React Native Web App, Website/ Landing Page, Backend


The web app solution is for medical laboratory scientists (MLS), also known as medical technologists or clinical laboratory scientists. Data input from certain machines e.g., Hematology Analyzer Machine. Hematology analysis comprises some of the highest-volume tests run in clinical laboratories. Auto verification of hematology results using computer-based rules reduces turnaround time for many specimens while strategically targeting specimen review by a technologist or pathologist. Integration with such middleware requires knowledge about the communication protocols of the devices.

MLSs might need to adopt a new interface when our solution is implemented, which adds to their workload. Many data would have to be visualized on very small screens i.e., mobile devices. A better user journey by designing better UI/ UX is paramount.
Currently, in many establishments, MLSs manually notify each other for collaboration due to a lack of technology. Or they use social media applications which is a threat to privacy.


We created a replicable solution that allows MLSs to view data fetched from middleware and certain devices, message each other, and receive notifications. These components allow users to collaborate within our application.

It allows users to “flag” an item and send a message to another user to resolve any issue. There is a model for users and events such as “flagged.”

There are four user types, each able to read and post comments. Comments can only be made while an item is open and flagged. Only the user who flags the item can resolve or un-flag the item.

Notifications are sent as in-app (web) alerts and emails.

The UI/UX is kept very minimalistic and easy, as we are working with a large amount of data that needs visualization in mini screens.

We integrated certain open-source libraries following the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

The solution is hosted on AWS EC2.


The web app has been implemented in several locations and is currently being redesigned.

System integrators and end users have adopted, welcomed, and appreciated it.

Our solution has been used for certain workflow improvements.

This also impacts patient and public health by enabling efficient instruments and data management so that accurate information is provided quickly.


  • Flagging and commenting on data
  • Messaging and other social features such as commenting, tagging, etc.
  • Notification management
  • Privileged access management
  • App analytics and reports


React Native, Google Firebase, AWS, MySQL


Contact us. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prevents us from showcasing the actual app.

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