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Fuel your business strategies by data-driven insights

Keep data swamp risks away for good. Delegate us with structuring your multi-source data lake into a neatly organized data warehouse that drives business value all across your enterprise.

Reach calculable results through Big Data

As analysis-based strategic information becomes a true wealth, Big Data engineering is a surefire way to translate untapped masses into value-oriented enterprise models. To help you optimize yours, PixelPlex offers analytics-savvy Big Data consulting and development team. From data strategies customization to intelligent techniques integration and cloud deployment — you have us. Get operational risks mitigated, client needs factored in, decisions enhanced, and revenue boosted.

4.4 GB

Average data amount utilized by Americans every minute.

$162.6B to $273.4B

Estimated growth of the Big Data market size from 2021 to 2026, at a CAGR of 11.0%.


In savings for our clients through Big Data-powered BI services by 2027.


Businesses consider data warehouse optimization as a critical factor for success, as of Forbes.

Big Data consulting & development services

We help firms benefit from tech-rich cross-domain automation practices we’ve garnered throughout our career. Let’s make raw disparate data talk and form an educated path to smart business planning.

Our task-driven Big Data analytics expertise

PixelPlex is proud to house data science and engineering talents skilled to crack any challenge around data workflows. Your assets will get converted into value-rich structures, models, and visuals.

Conquer a unique Metaverse niche

Reach out to discover how to plan your business transformation, line out a digital product strategy, fuel vital operations, prevent overloads, and cut costs for digital services.

Big Data software for your industry

We utilize progressive Big Data analytics-based approach while building enterprise solutions. Industry specifics are never a stopper — we get to the bottom of any case.

PixelPlex AR, VR & MR development toolset

To guarantee that your Big Data architecture will work like a charm, PixelPlex has accumulated a multi-layer library of frameworks, engineering tools, platforms, and techniques

How we handle your Big Data project

Each project is unique and requires an individual approach. In a nutshell, our Big Data development projects go as follows:

1. Collection

Data gathering across source systems feeds, external channels or integrations, and web networks.

2. Analysis

The garnered data labeling, classification, categorization, and contextualization.

3. Processing

Integration with metadata and semantic libraries, data standardization.

4. Distribution

Enterprise data warehouse (EDW) integration, extraction to other feeds.

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