Case Study: Boosting Customer Engagement with a Ramadan Gift Shop Microsite for Nayomi, Kamal Osman Jamjoom Group’s Leading Lingerie Brand


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Client: Kamal Osman Jamjoom Group LLC (KOJ) – Nayomi

Deployment Year: 2017

Industry: Retail – Lingerie

Location: Middle East


Nayomi is a leading lingerie brand in the Middle East owned by the Kamal Osman Jamjoom Group. With over 184 stores, Nayomi offers fashionable lingerie and nightwear, bridal ensembles, and beauty and fragrance products. In 2017, KOJ approached Beyond Innovations & Technologies to develop a microsite for Nayomi’s Ramadan Gift Shop. It aimed at providing a dedicated and engaging platform to showcase and promote their gift ideas for the 30 days of Ramadan.

Client Brief:

KOJ sought to create a simple and cost-effective microsite for Nayomi’s Ramadan Gift Shop, where customers could explore gift ideas based on specific categories and price points. The microsite needed to be interactive, support both Arabic and English languages, and feature a calendar-style layout to display the daily gift ideas.

Our Solution:

Beyond Innovations & Technologies developed the Nayomi Ramadan Gift Shop microsite to provide an engaging and user-friendly platform for customers to explore various gift ideas. The microsite featured an interactive calendar-style layout, allowing users to click on products and view more information. We also implemented sections where customers could browse gift ideas based on specific price points.

We ensured seamless integration with Nayomi’s existing website, adding a dedicated section for the Ramadan Gift Shop in the main navigation and creating tiles on the landing page for easy access. To cater to Nayomi’s diverse customer base, the microsite was designed to support Arabic and English, automatically redirecting users based on browsing preferences.


The Nayomi Ramadan Gift Shop microsite successfully delivered a dedicated and engaging platform for customers to explore and shop for gift ideas during the Ramadan season. The interactive calendar layout and easy-to-navigate price point sections provided users with a streamlined and enjoyable shopping experience. By catering to Arabic and English-speaking customers, the microsite ensured maximum reach and impact during the campaign, ultimately driving sales and customer satisfaction for Nayomi during Ramadan.

Technology Stack: ASP.NET, JSON

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