Case Study: Central Station Marketing’s Jupiter Platform Mobile App

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Case Study: Central Station Marketing’s Jupiter Platform Mobile App

Client: Central Station Marketing

Deployment year: 2015

Industry: Advertising

Location: Texas, USA


Central Station Marketing has been a key player in helping businesses grow their online presence through proven SEO, PPC practices, and various marketing services since 2013. Their aim is to provide a comprehensive set of tools for entrepreneurs to achieve growth, generate leads, and increase profits.


To develop a proprietary platform for Central Station Marketing clients that would offer a seamless experience in managing their marketing efforts, track leads, and enhance communication with customers. The platform needed to be accessible through mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices, allowing clients to access the essential features on the go.


Our team developed the Jupiter platform mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, tailored to the specific needs of Central Station Marketing clients. The platform offers various features to help clients manage their marketing activities efficiently:

  1. Photo, Video, and Note Management: Clients can easily add photos, videos, and notes to all leads generated through their marketing program. This enables them to track their leads better and provide personalized services to their customers.
  2. Call Tracking: The Jupiter platform allows clients to listen to all phone calls generated from their websites within the app. This enables them to monitor the quality of leads, gain valuable insights into customer behavior, and improve their overall marketing strategy.
  3. Site Traffic Log in CMS: The platform’s CMS includes a site traffic section, providing visibility into individual visitors’ activities on the clients’ websites. This detailed reporting helps businesses understand visitor activities at an individual level, while still relying on other analytics packages for aggregated data.
  4. ROI Marketing Tracking: The Jupiter platform allows businesses to track their marketing efforts’ effectiveness and return on investment (ROI). This empowers them to make data-driven decisions for optimizing their marketing strategies and maximizing their results.

Technology Stack:

The Jupiter platform mobile apps were developed using Objective C, SWIFT for iOS, and Java for Android. The backend was developed using, and Rackspace was used for hosting.


The Jupiter platform mobile apps have become an essential tool for Central Station Marketing clients, empowering them to manage their marketing efforts more effectively and make data-driven decisions. The platform’s features have helped generate more than 1 million leads for hundreds of businesses across the United States.

Since its deployment, the Jupiter platform has received positive feedback from clients who appreciate its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and seamless integration with their existing marketing activities. As a result, Central Station Marketing has successfully established itself as a trusted partner for businesses looking to grow and expand their online presence.

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