Case Study: Central Station Marketing’s Suite of Proprietary Mobile Applications

Central Station Marketing

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Case Study: Central Station Marketing’s Suite of Proprietary Mobile Applications

Client: Central Station Marketing

Deployment year: 2014-2016

Industry: Advertising

Location: Texas, USA


Central Station Marketing has been a key player in helping businesses grow their online presence through proven SEO, PPC practices, and various marketing services since 2013. They aim to provide a comprehensive set of tools for entrepreneurs to achieve growth, generate leads, and increase profits.

In addition to the Jupiter platform mobile apps, our Beyond Innovations & Technologies team developed several other proprietary mobile applications for Central Station Marketing during this period. These applications catered to specific needs of their clients, offering innovative solutions to manage and grow their businesses.

Additional Applications:

  1. Affiliate Management App enables businesses to manage and track their affiliate partnerships, monitor performance, and streamline communication with their affiliates. It helps optimize affiliate marketing strategies, ensuring maximum ROI from affiliate partnerships.
  2. Visiting Card Management App: This app offers an innovative solution for digitally managing and organizing business cards. It allows users to scan and store visiting cards, simplifying contact management, and ensuring easy access to crucial information.
  3. Augmented Reality Apps for Home Improvement Projects: These apps use augmented reality (AR) technology to help clients visualize their home improvement projects before making any changes. Users can virtually place and arrange furniture, appliances, and other items in their homes, providing a realistic view of the proposed changes. This enables clients to make better decisions, save time, and avoid costly mistakes.


The various proprietary mobile applications developed for Central Station Marketing have helped hundreds of businesses in managing and growing their operations more efficiently. These applications have been well-received by clients, who appreciate the innovative solutions tailored to their specific needs.

The success of these applications has further established Central Station Marketing as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to expand their online presence and achieve better results from their marketing efforts. With the suite of applications catering to a wide range of business requirements, Central Station Marketing continues to help entrepreneurs generate leads, increase profits, and attain their growth goals.

Technology Stack:

The suite of proprietary mobile applications was developed using Objective C, SWIFT for iOS, and Java for Android. The backend was developed using, and Rackspace was used for hosting.

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