Case Study: Geese Relief LLC Mobile Application for Efficient Geese Management and Monitoring

Geese Releif

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Client: Geese Relief LLC

Location: Connecticut, USA

Industry: Animal Control and Pest Management

Deployment year: 2016


Geese Relief LLC is an environmentally safe and humane Canada goose control/maintenance company based in Connecticut, USA. The company employs specially trained border collies to keep nuisance Canada geese from causing damage to properties. With a growing team of service dogs and handlers, the company sought a mobile application to manage their operations and monitor their team’s activities.


The primary objective was to develop a user-friendly mobile application for both iOS and Android platforms to help Geese Relief LLC streamline their operations and improve team communication. The app needed to provide functionality for route members to check in at work locations, view customer information, and submit required data such as videos, photos, and notes related to their work.


Our team of developers built a custom mobile application for Geese Relief LLC that catered to their specific requirements. The application was developed for both iOS and Android platforms, using Swift for the iOS app and Java for the Android app.

Key Features:

  1. Route Member Check-in: The app allows route members to check in to a work location, ensuring that their activities are logged and monitored in real-time.
  2. Customer Information Access: Route members can access customer information, including their assigned routes and associated customers, allowing them to focus on their tasks.
  3. Data Submission: The app enables route members to submit required data, such as videos, photos, and notes, related to their work. This feature ensures that all relevant information is captured and easily accessible for the company’s management.


The Geese Relief LLC mobile application greatly improved the efficiency and communication among the team members. The app allowed route members to focus on their tasks and provided the company with valuable data to monitor the team’s activities.

  • The mobile app for Geese Relief LLC was successfully deployed on both iOS and Android platforms in 2016.
  • The application streamlined the company’s operations, improving team communication and overall efficiency.
  • The company now has a user-friendly mobile application that helps them manage their operations effectively.


The Geese Relief LLC mobile application demonstrates the power of custom mobile app development for businesses. By providing a tailored solution that meets the client’s specific needs, our team delivered a product that streamlined operations, improved communication, and allowed the company to focus on their core business. The success of this project highlights the value of investing in custom mobile app development to enhance business operations and drive growth.

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