Case Study: Jossto – Proximity-Based Deal Finder App with Messaging Platform


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Client: Jossto

Industry: Mobile App Development, Deal Finder and Messaging Apps

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Deployment Year: 2016


Jossto is a proximity-based deal finder app that connects users with local brands, retailers, and restaurants. The app also includes a messaging platform that allows users to communicate directly with these businesses. Optimized for both Android tablets and phones, Jossto uses a user’s phone number as their ID and syncs with their mobile contact list, automatically detecting contacts who also use the app.


Create an intuitive and user-friendly Android app that helps users discover deals and promotions in their local area, while also providing a direct messaging platform for communication with businesses.

Our Solution:

Beyond Innovations & Technologies developed the Jossto Android app using Java, AWS, JSON, and GitHub. We designed the app to be compatible with both Android tablets and phones, allowing users to access Jossto seamlessly across multiple devices. The app’s push notifications ensure that users never miss a message, even when Jossto is not running.


• Proximity-based deal finder for local brands, retailers, and restaurants

• Direct messaging platform for communication with businesses

• Automatic syncing with mobile contact list

• Push notifications for real-time alerts

• Compatible with and optimized for Android tablets and phones


The Jossto app has successfully connected users with local businesses, helping them discover deals and promotions in their area. Jossto has enabled seamless communication between consumers and businesses by providing a direct messaging platform, resulting in improved customer experiences and increased engagement.

The user reporting system for backend admin has allowed businesses to gain valuable insights and feedback from users, further improving their offerings and promotions. With Jossto, users can now easily find deals and communicate with local businesses, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

Technology Stack:

We utilized the following technology stack to build the Jossto Android app:

• Java for Android app development

• AWS for hosting and scalable cloud infrastructure

• JSON for data interchange

• GitHub for version control and collaboration

In addition, we used penetration testing tools to ensure the app’s security and protect user data. This combination of technologies allowed us to create a smooth, responsive, and secure user experience while providing a robust and scalable backend infrastructure.


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