Case Study: DMTel – Multi-Tenant Cloud-Based VoIP Billing Platform


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Client: DMTel

Industry: Telecommunications

Location: London, England, United kingdom

Deployment Year: 2015


DMTel is a leading provider of cloud-based communication services for businesses ranging from startups to enterprise-level organizations. They offer many services, including cloud-based solutions such as Enterprise Telephony, Email, Backup, Cloud Servers, Data Collaboration, and more. DMTel required a multi-tenant, cloud-based VoIP billing platform with a flexible ‘Pay as you Grow’ service model to streamline their billing process and provide a unified platform for their clients and partners.


The primary challenge was to design and develop a scalable, secure, and reliable multi-tenant VoIP billing platform that could efficiently manage billing for DMTel’s various clients and partners. The platform needed to integrate seamlessly with VoIPNow’s API and offer features such as subscription templates, invoicing, payment processing, and payment updates.


Our team developed a comprehensive, cloud-based VoIP billing platform for DMTel, focusing on the following key technical aspects:

  1. Multi-tenancy Architecture: We designed the billing platform using a multi-tenant architecture to efficiently manage billing for DMTel’s various clients and partners. This architecture allowed each client or partner to have their own isolated environment within the platform, ensuring data privacy and security.
  2. Integration with VoIPNow API: We seamlessly integrated the platform with VoIPNow’s API, enabling the platform to fetch data from VoIPNow tenancies, organizations, users, and extensions. This integration allowed DMTel to automate the billing process and reduce manual work.
  3. Subscription Templates: We implemented a flexible subscription template system that enabled DMTel to create customizable billing plans based on fixed or variable parameters, such as the number of billed organizations under each client. This feature allowed DMTel to tailor their billing plans to suit the specific needs of their clients and partners.
  4. Invoicing and Payment Processing: The platform was designed to automatically generate and send invoices to clients and partners based on their subscription templates. It also featured a secure payment processing system that allowed clients and partners to submit payments directly through the platform, streamlining the entire billing process.
  5. Payment Updates: The billing platform could update payment information automatically, ensuring that clients’ and partners’ accounts were always up-to-date and accurately reflected their billing status.


The deployment of the DMTel multi-tenant VoIP billing platform significantly streamlined the billing process for DMTel’s clients and partners. The platform’s flexible subscription template system and seamless integration with VoIPNow’s API allowed DMTel to efficiently manage billing for their diverse clientele. The platform’s secure payment processing and automatic payment updates ensured that clients and partners always had accurate and up-to-date billing information.


By implementing the multi-tenant VoIP billing platform, DMTel has provided a more efficient and streamlined billing experience for their clients and partners. The platform’s flexibility and scalability have allowed DMTel to accommodate the growing needs of their business, while also offering their clients and partners the benefits of a ‘Pay as you Grow’ service model. This has ultimately enhanced DMTel’s reputation as a reliable and innovative provider of cloud-based communication services.

Technology Stack: To develop the DMTel VoIP billing platform, our team utilized the following technologies:

  • ASP.NET: We used ASP.NET for the backend development of the platform, ensuring high performance and scalability.
  • MySQL: We chose MySQL as the database management system for the platform, providing a reliable and secure solution for managing large volumes of billing data.
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