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From sci-fi concepts to game-changing releases

The Web 3.0 era has begun. Now is the time to set goals for your metaverse project. We’ll help you to create a frictionless gateway to digital experiences, as well as implement physical components and produce multi-dimensional economic infrastructures.

Why explore and join the metaverse?

$8-13 trillion

the metaverse market size by 2030


raised by Epic Games to build the metaverse.


users participated in Fortnite’s Travis Scott concert online


of adults in the US planning to join the metaverse

Open up new business development opportunities

Approximately $54 billion is spent on virtual goods every year. People already live in virtuality, so setting up your business in the metaverse and offering your customers brand new experiences will open a new chapter in your company development.

Diversify your services

Create the digital world for your customers, open a virtual store, hold online events, offer your products for sale, and deliver lectures and seminars. In general, name any activity — and be sure that it can be implemented in the metaverse and bring you profit.

Engage new customers and increase customer loyalty

Imagine a dream environment for showcasing your services at their best. We’ll get right on blending real and digital worlds, visualizing objects and 3D humans interacting with any equipment, nice and easy.

Full-scale Metaverse development services

Just give us the gist of your idea — we’ll work out an actionable roadmap and deliver the required engineering talent to handle it. From business logic to complete infrastructure, integrations, financial layers, and interconnectivity — PixelPlex has you covered.

Conquer a unique Metaverse niche

Reach out to discover how to plan your business transformation, line out a digital product strategy, fuel vital operations, prevent overloads, and cut costs for digital services.

Immerse in the Metaverse: our assets package

We create tools, assets, and services to enable you to seamlessly merge real-life and digital components within your metaverse projects. It could be a multi-layer virtual space or a unique artwork item. Either way, we’ll deliver it — ready and working.

Metaverse transcending industry barriers

To help you leave competitors within your domain far behind, we house a full-blown BA, R&D, quants, and engineering team. Commission us to build an uncompromisingly reliable and highly flexible B2B or B2C solution that streamlines business workflows with an innovative impulse.

Follow the global giants

With industry leaders spending tens of millions on Metaverse investments, the domain is well on its way to evolving into an unbelievably rich revenue channel. Reach out to ask us where to start.

Why partner PixelPlex for Metaverse projects

We first got serious about blockchain in 2013, and we’ve had a firm foothold in VR/AR since 2016. This means we’ve jumped into the Metaverse fully armed. Today, we couple this to games and their underlying mechanics development. Add it all together, and we have everything you need for your in-house built Metaverse and NFT solutions.

High-level metaverse development process

Each PixelPlexian understands what drives clients to start innovative projects. Any investment in new solution development aims at gaining practical use, getting your money’s worth, or achieving market recognition. That’s what we take as a given while designing personalized approaches to each individual client.


To marry your aspirations with resources and metaverse investing opportunities, we’ll analyze your requirements and market specifics and come up with financial modeling, V&S, and gamification strategies.


Prior to hitting the road with full-cycle engineering, we suggest defining and documenting your product vision. We’ll proceed with user flow wireframing and red-flag potential inefficiencies, and make processes easily adaptable.


If you’re looking to craft a complex metaverse project, we’ll help pick a one-stop studio. Ask us to devise a flexible architecture, all-inclusive digital experiences, platform-as-a-service modules, and multitasking UIs.

04.Development & testing

Creating an MVP is a neat, easy route to a quick release. We build the solutions with all the essentials in place, optimize them for asset markets, fine-tune eCommerce workflows, and right the wrongs through end-to-end testing. If you want to speed ahead and get that market-leading edge, we’d be glad to offer our pre-built

05.Launch & support

We can help you with solution deployment to your target platforms and stay right by your side, keeping track of your product’s progress and user satisfaction. To further evolve your metaverse project, we’ll help you add new features and integrations.

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